HFF Tomlinson’s ‘Surreal’ Day for Career, Family

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

Sunday was a very special day for TCU Horned Frog Forever LaDainian Tomlinson and his wife LaTorsha. And for … LaBaby? The San Diego Chargers running back moved past Thurman Thomas and Franco Harris on the NFL all-time rushing list, running his total to 12,145 yards.

Better yet, he passed Marcus Allen to now rank behind only Jerry Rice and Emmett Smith on the all-time touchdown list. He’s at 146. And counting.

Best of all, however, was the message LT received before the game. Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News tells the story:

When LaDainian Tomlinson arrived at the stadium for Sunday’s game between his San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles, he found a small gift box on the stool in front of his locker.

It was from his wife LaTorsha with a note, “Open immediately.”

“I thought it was a necklace or something,” Tomlinson said.

It was something better – much better. It was a positive pregnancy test – LaTorsha’s way of telling her husband he was going to become a father for the first time.

“It was pretty emotional,” Tomlinson said. “Years ago we lost a child (in pregnancy). This was a blessing.”

LT, whose mother scrimped and saved to send him to the Emmett Smith football camp when he was growing up, described the feeling of being ranked behind only Rice and Smith as “surreal” and “mindboggling.”

Now the question is, with a dad named LaDainian and a mom named LaTorsha, what will the baby’s name be? LaBaby Tomlinson?


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