ESPN GameDay at TCU

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

ESPN GameDay finally decided it was time to highlight the TCU Horned Frogs, the team playing the best all around football in the NCAA. Nationally the Frogs are ranked 4th in every poll including the BCS.

Friend of The HornedBlog, Bob Goode, took some pix the day before the game as ESPN The Roadies were setting up their traveling city. Bob, a most valuable TCU alum and dedicated fan in good times and bad, runs the campus print shop, Frog Prints. The Frogs have been winning more games per month the past nine years than they won in Bob’s four undergraduate years — combined.

These are the days. Well, these days and those days, when Kilgore Trout III’s parents were TCU students and enjoyed two national championships.


ESPN GameDay at TCU

New Uni_2

Unveiling the new TCU uniform.


ESPN The Bus


Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief



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2 responses to “ESPN GameDay at TCU

  1. Thanks for sharing your shots – wish I was there – it should be a very exciting crowd today!!!

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