Clemson Favored by 3? Bet the Farm!

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

“Honey, I know you were planning on retiring to the farm eventually, but we might have a much bigger one by then, because I just bet it on the football game Saturday.

“The oddsmakers in Vegas have favored Clemson by three points over our Horned Frogs. I know the Clemson crowd can be tough on visitors, but Gary Patterson will have the Frogs spittin’ blood by game time.

“Yes, yes, I know, honey. But think about it. The RPI ratings have TCU at number 6 and Clemson at 42. Now how does that translate into a 3-point victory for Clemson?

“Yes, I know we’ve only beaten Virginia, ranked 118, and Texas State, a I-AA team. But Clemson has beaten 43 Boston College, and 102 Middle Tennessee State, and lost to 24 Georgia Tech.

“And yes, I know you’re going to have a headache from now till the game’s over. But have your Victoria’s Secret closet open and ready to go. I feel good about my Frogs and it’s gonna be Horny Toad Time Saturday night.”


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