HFF Tomlinson’s ‘Surreal’ Day for Career, Family

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Sunday was a very special day for TCU Horned Frog Forever LaDainian Tomlinson and his wife LaTorsha. And for … LaBaby? The San Diego Chargers running back moved past Thurman Thomas and Franco Harris on the NFL all-time rushing list, running his total to 12,145 yards.

Better yet, he passed Marcus Allen to now rank behind only Jerry Rice and Emmett Smith on the all-time touchdown list. He’s at 146. And counting.

Best of all, however, was the message LT received before the game. Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News tells the story:

When LaDainian Tomlinson arrived at the stadium for Sunday’s game between his San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles, he found a small gift box on the stool in front of his locker.

It was from his wife LaTorsha with a note, “Open immediately.”

“I thought it was a necklace or something,” Tomlinson said.

It was something better – much better. It was a positive pregnancy test – LaTorsha’s way of telling her husband he was going to become a father for the first time.

“It was pretty emotional,” Tomlinson said. “Years ago we lost a child (in pregnancy). This was a blessing.”

LT, whose mother scrimped and saved to send him to the Emmett Smith football camp when he was growing up, described the feeling of being ranked behind only Rice and Smith as “surreal” and “mindboggling.”

Now the question is, with a dad named LaDainian and a mom named LaTorsha, what will the baby’s name be? LaBaby Tomlinson?


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ESPN, Nation Impressed With TCU Football, Fans

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Even before TCU’s number four ranked football team dominated Utah Saturday night, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was impressed. Especially with  TCU’s fans.

After finishing the broadcast of GameDay before a rabid TCU fan base, Herbstreit said the energy from the fans was “as good as we’ve had.,” according to Richard Durrett at espndallas.com.

Durrett provides a good view of how the fans reacted to having ESPN on campus for several days. And he has several nice video clips, including a profile of All American Jerry Hughes, who shows how he utilizes his former-running-back speed to dominate at defensive end.

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ESPN GameDay at TCU

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ESPN GameDay finally decided it was time to highlight the TCU Horned Frogs, the team playing the best all around football in the NCAA. Nationally the Frogs are ranked 4th in every poll including the BCS.

Friend of The HornedBlog, Bob Goode, took some pix the day before the game as ESPN The Roadies were setting up their traveling city. Bob, a most valuable TCU alum and dedicated fan in good times and bad, runs the campus print shop, Frog Prints. The Frogs have been winning more games per month the past nine years than they won in Bob’s four undergraduate years — combined.

These are the days. Well, these days and those days, when Kilgore Trout III’s parents were TCU students and enjoyed two national championships.


ESPN GameDay at TCU

New Uni_2

Unveiling the new TCU uniform.


ESPN The Bus


Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief


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What Was That Purple Blur? And Where’s My Jock?

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Jeremy Kerley confirmed his ticket to the NFL with this punt return for the Horned Frogs in their 44-6 win over Colorado State Saturday. This clip doesn’t show it, but a lot of Rams were looking around for their jocks after they pulled their embarrassed butts off the turf. Kerley’s moves are beautiful and he followed some excellent blocking by a bunch of guys who must have fun knowing what JK is capable of any time he gets the ball.

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Best Stats Game: UTEP 58-UH 41

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1,549 all-purpose yards; 99 points, 78 first downs; 106 passes, no INT’s

My nomination for Best Stats Game of the Day – without even reading about the other games: Goodbye BCS bowl possibilities for the 12th ranked Houston Cougars after they lost to the UTEP Miners, 58-41.

  • The teams combined for 1,245 yards offense
  • With 304 kick return yards, the all-purpose yards totaled 1,549
  • 183 plays from scrimmage (counting five punts and four field goal attempts)
  • 812 yards passing — 70-106, 7 TDs, 0 INTs
  • 433 yards rushing on 68 carries
  • 78 first downs
  • 99 points on 12 TDs, 3 FG’s, and 12-13 PATs
  • UH ran 105 plays from scrimmage
  • Case Keenum completed 51 of 76 passes for 536 yards, 5 TDs
  • UH: 42 first downs, 664 total yards from scrimmage, 812 all-purpose yards
  • UTEP: 75 plays from scrimmage, 305 yards rushing and 276 passing
  • UTEP: 26 first downs, 581 yards from scrimmage, 737 all-purpose yards
  • Donald Buckram rushed for 262 yards on 32 carries, 4 TDs

Houston’s two lost fumbles were the only turnovers in the game, but one of those was returned 70 yards for a UTEP touchdown with 3:25 to play, giving them a 58-34 lead. There were only five total punts, but one was for 57 yards and another was 53 yards. The half-time score was 17-17.

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Horned Frogs Rise to #11 AP; #10 Coaches Poll

Once again, the nation, including The New York Times is taking notice of the TCU Horned Frogs and other possible BCS busters:

….In fact, Houston, Texas Christian and Boise State are not going anywhere. For the first time in the Bowl Championship Series era, teams from outside the six so-called power conferences can be considered legitimate threats for the national title.

Perhaps T.C.U. should lobby Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford for that league’s automatic spot in the B.C.S. The Horned Frogs have now defeated two A.C.C. teams on the road, with victories at Virginia and at Clemson.

The Horned Frogs’ victory at Clemson on Saturday was not televised nationally, further highlighting the Mountain West’s exposure issues. But folks should take notice of T.C.U., which beat Boise State in a bowl last season and has the nation’s No. 12 defense.

From this point on, T.C.U. has the biggest advantage in terms of scheduling and perception of the three non-B.C.S. programs. Thanks to Utah’s blowout of Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year and Brigham Young’s upset of Oklahoma on the opening weekend of this season, the Horned Frogs — who will play B.Y.U. and Utah later this season — have a stronger schedule to gain points in the voters’ eyes. Boise State, thanks to its pedigree and domination of a very good Oregon team in its opener, is in the best spot to reach the national title game but has the worst finishing kick to prove its validity. Neither Houston nor Boise State will face a ranked team, which will put pressure on them not only to win, but also to win by wide margins.

A key stat: TCU held Clemson to 0-3 on fourth down conversions.

Clemson’s C.J. Spiller  (26-112) became the 19th player to rush for 100+ yards against the Horned Frogs — in nine years. Compare Spiller’s stats to Reggie Bush.

TCU defense fares well against Clemson’s speedsters

CLEMSON, S.C. — While preparing for Clemson earlier this week, Gary Patterson was concerned about thwarting big plays from speedsters C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford. The two seniors had combined for 23 scoring plays of 50 or more yards in their careers.

How good is Spiller? He became the second player in college football history to accumulate 2,500 yards rushing, 1,000 yards receiving, 1,500 yards in kickoff returns and 500 yards in punt returns. USC’s Reggie Bush is the only other player to accomplish the feat.

Here’s how the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Gil LeBreton saw it:

TCU not intimidated by Death Valley

CLEMSON, S.C. — As it was written, the home team came charging down the hill into a sea of orange.

And it was all very loud and very intimidating. And, as the second half began, very rainy. Almost Ark rainy.

But, yea, though the TCU Horned Frogs walked through the Clemson Tigers’ so-called valley of death Saturday, they feared nothing.

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Urban Meyer Hates His Players, Has No Soul

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Need any more reasons to not like Urban Meyer? Or obsessed football coaches in general? Meyer is straightforward in stating that his job and career are more important than the health and safety of his players and coaches.

In a New York Times article about Tim Tebow going to the hospital in an ambulance after a hard hit to the head during the game yesterday, his flulike symptoms during the week, and as many as 35 players being ill recently, here’s how concerned Meyer was. Not.

Florida has been battling illnesses for the last three weeks, and Meyer estimated that more than 35 players have been sick during that stretch.

Running back Jeff Demps, defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, linebacker A.J. Jones and tight end Aaron Hernandez — all starters — were among the players isolated in the last 10 days because of flulike symptoms.

Haden and Wright missed practice Thursday, but Meyer said he expected both to play against the Wildcats. The person familiar with Florida’s travel plans said the health of all three has improved since arriving in Lexington.

The person said everyone on the team’s expected travel roster made the trip, including receivers coach Billy Gonzales. He was sent home early in the week, but he returned and wore gloves and a mask at practice.

Meyer said earlier in the week there was no chance he would rest sick players.

“That’d be one of the major errors in coaching history to go do that, because you’d go lose,” he said. “No. Absolutely not. We’re going to bring everything and go as hard as we can. That gets you out of the profession, those kind of thoughts. You go as hard as you can.

“The good thing is I’ve got a mature group. Not a whole lot of cheerleading going on this week. Got to get better and go play.”

The Gators beat Tennessee 23-13 last Saturday, a disappointing victory for the heavily favored Gators. Meyer partially blamed the conservative game plan on the illnesses. Volunteers coach Lane Kiffin indicated that Meyer was using the illnesses as an excuse to justify a less-than-dominating performance.

So, there you have it. Urban says in essence, Don’t jeopardize my multi-million-dollar job by getting sick or injured, because I’ll expect you to play anyway. You’re not even getting paid so why should I care about you? And I don’t even care about whether protecting your health will be better for the team in future weeks. All I care about is winning today. And you know how dangerous Kentucky is. I’ve got more than 100 players on scholarship so there’s always someone to replace you when I ruin your health.

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